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Sleeper buses

Perhaps the most affordable, logical, and comfortable way to travel to ski trips in Colorado and New Mexico is via a sleeper bus.

A uniquely-designed bus, a sleeper buses transport 40 people arranged in 10 booths, with four seated comfortably per booth.

Each booth changes into two bunk beds so people can lay horizontally and sleep while driving overnight to their destination.

Passengers typically bring a pillow and either a blanket or sleeping bag. Some also bring sleeping aids and earplugs.

Each Seating area have powers outlet to charge your electronics, watch movies, or listen to music

Traveling this way has many advantages:

  • You travel while you are asleep, saving precious daylight hours for skiing.
  • Your luggage remains with you at all times in the luggage area on bottom of the bus.
  • A professional driver is trained to drive overnight through ice and snow.
  • The booth design encourages you to meet others on the trip and proves comfortable roominess to play games such as cards.
  • You don't have to stay in your seat the entire time and can stretch and mingle with other passengers.
  • Your meals are provided and paid for in advance as part of your trip cost.
  • Many people also bring snacks and games to share.