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Robber's Cave Camp-out

George Moudry  | Published on 11/5/2020

Last month some ski club members enjoyed camping at the Robber’s Cave State park.


We set up camp Friday afternoon and enjoyed a gabfest in rays of late afternoon sun. That white square in the background is the screen for a Saturday night picture show.


Saturday morning many members went on a long hike (many of them missed the send-off photo). Here they are, still fresh, clean and happy….


After the hike it was good to relax in the sun with a refreshing beverage.


Garry puts on a happy face. Maybe because of the Dos Equis cervezas.


But many found comfort in Brett’s and Penny’s Taj Mahal camper, ostensibly to watch the OSU football game. The Pokes won by about 97 points – it was nerve-wracking!!


Some were more comfortable than others….


The spectators  in the west wing of the living quarters. Robert is busy in the kitchen cutting onions for the fish fry tonight.


Robert Foster donated catfish for our fish fry banquet. The chefs Dick, Robert and Garry are busy. Brett checks the oil temperature making sure the pot is free of coronavirus….


The table is heavy with salads, condiments, spices and deserts. Waiting for the fried fish and hushpuppies….


The feeding frenzy is on! I tell you, folks, Gwen and I  partook in catfish fry feasts many times before but this was the best ever!! Hats off to our cooks and the fishing-pro Robert!


Linda says: “ I sure hope the is more!”


Under starry skies with full moon and whispering oak leaves, and in embrace of  cicadas’ concert, we watched the movie “Oh Brother, Where are Thou” with Dapper Dan George Clooney. It was fantastic!

At the end of the movie, and in front of the scrolling credits stands the Producer and the Director himself, Brett Shelton, a.k.a. Frank Capra….


Sunday morning we had a scrumptious communal breakfast. By noon most of us rolled back home and drifted back to reality….


We’ll be back…