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Spain: Segovia

George Moudry  | Published on 4/5/2021

During our travels in Spain, we visited the town Segovia (population 55,000), which is 85 miles northwest of Madrid. The town boasts a thrilling Roman aqueduct, a grand cathedral and a historic castle.

Ancient and monumental Roman aqueduct bisects and dominates the town of Segovia.


This bird’s eye view shows how the aqueduct dwarfs even the tallest buildings in the town.


The aqueduct is beautifully intact and preserved even after countless centuries. No mortar was used for its construction. Almost everywhere in Spain

You can spot a group of protestors, protesting against some government policy – like the group with the sign huddling under their umbrellas…


We walk toward the Cathedral, and passing along the way other medieval churches.


Some structures still retain vestiges of old Roman architecture.


Ah, here it is, the splendid, many-spiked Cathedral!


There are eight high-vaulted chapels off the main nave of the church.


Each chapel is dedicated to a Saint and the altars are generously adorned with gold overlays.


The Cathedral is full of art, displaying many statues and paintings.


This optimistic and uplifting painting reminds: “Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’ll never end…


I was most taken by the fantastic marble statues, each about 8 feet tall of all Apostles standing guard around the nave.  


The statues are truly magnificent, and I am sharing just two of them with you.


A marvelous cloister by the church leads to a monastery.