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President's Report

Michael Messimore  | Published on 9/6/2021
 September 2021



These were words to live by:


If you dont do it this year, youll just be one year older when you do.

Warren Miller


I’m going to change it up a bit:


“If you don’t do it this year, the government might not let you do it next year.”


Michael Messimore


I also have to do things while the body can still do them.  I have role models and those are the people skiing in their 70s and 80s.  They are rock stars and I hope to be one of them some day.  As we get older we have to work harder and harder to keep in shape but I refuse to give up. 


On the getting older note, the week before the lake party I had practiced my response when Linda Stubbs would ask me if I was going to slalom.  I rehearsed it not only in my head but actually out loud in different versions and had settled on, “I better not”.  Well the time came, I’m sitting under the pavilion looking at the lake when Linda comes over and says the words, “Are you going to ski?.  “Okay” I said. I guess I’m just a boy who can’t say no. Fast forward about 45 minutes when it has taken me four times to get out of the water on that ski and I’m remembering why I had practiced saying no.  The right hamstring (front leg) is tightening, the lower back is saying why did you do al those planks on Thursday, but my ego is saying, I can still do it.  A few minutes later after cruising back and forth across the wake I throw the rope in the air and float down into the water to await pickup.  Thank you Linda.  I was only sore for a week but it was worth it.


Since the last report the club has:


Published trips for 2021-2022

Had a Pre-Ski Club Lake Party Campout

Had a Lake Party

Had a Post-Ski Club Lake Party Campout


Good times with great friends.


Also since the last report:

The Alyeska trip is almost full (as of the time of typing this we have three pillows left)

Flatlands in Telluride 2022 is filling up fast


Things to pay very close attention to this year with ski trips:

  1. We have less pillows than previous years so space is limited
  2. When the pillows are gone, you are out of luck
  3. The final payments to the mountain are due much earlier than in previous years so yours is also
  4. Telluride has a fly up option and a bus option so make sure you are signing up for the right trip


It may be hot now but - Winter is coming.  It is coming for us all.

Michael Messimore