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About Us

Welcome to the Tulsa Ski Club - the premier, year-round organization for fun and activities in Tulsa. We don't just ski . . . we enjoy year-round activities including backpacking, camping, rafting, bowling, and lake parties. We have monthly socials, golf tournaments, and more.

The Tulsa Ski Club is a nonprofit organization and a great place to meet people and develop new friendships with active people. Starting in 1961 with just a few members, the Tulsa Ski Club was formed as a nonprofit organization, 503(b), to promote the common interest of snow skiing.

Our club members enjoy a variety of year-round activities and social events. Activities range from Skiers Night Out (SNO) at the best restaurants around town to organized trips that are diverse in cost and location. During the last few years the club has sponsored trips to places as close as the Illinois River and as far away as Egypt and Innsbruck. Modes of travel includes Sleeper  buses, aircraft, canoes, rafts, cruise ships, boats and cars.

Although snow skiing and snowboarding remain our foundation and the primary interest of many members, some members never ski. What Tulsa Ski Club members have in common, though, is the desire to go somewhere, do something, and get together regularly to share the fun of it.