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Robber's Cave Camp-out
George Moudry
Published on: 11/5/2020
Last month some ski club members enjoyed camping at the Robber’s Cave State park.

We set up camp Friday afternoon and enjoyed a gabfest in rays of late afternoon sun. That white square in the background is the screen for a Saturday night picture show.

Saturday morning many members went on a long hike (many of them missed the send-off photo). Here they are, still fresh, clean and happy….

After the hike it was good to relax in the sun with a refreshing beverage.

Garry puts on a happy face. Maybe because of the Dos Equis cervezas.

But many found comfort in Brett’s and Penny’s Taj Mahal camper, ostensibly to watch the OSU football game. The Pokes won by about 97 points – it was nerve-wracking!!

Some were more comfortable than others….

The spectators in the west wing of the living quarters. Robert is busy in the kitchen cutting onions for the fish fry tonight.

Robert Foster donated catfish for our fish fry banquet. The chefs Dick, Robert a
Ski Club Octoberfest Party
George Moudry
Published on: 11/5/2020
Tulsa Octoberfest was cancelled this year so our SKI CLUB made our own Octoberfest!
Warren Miller 71st Film Virtual Show Dates
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 11/5/2020
This year is different. No in person theater Presentation This year the the warren Miller film will be a virtual event. the dates for the events are November 7th, 14th or 21st. For more detail see below.
Blasted COVID! When Will it End?
George Moudry, BPHE, MS, ED.D., MBA
Published on: 11/5/2020
The probes into the mysteries of corona virus read like a science fiction detective story. Masked scientists in white coats hunch over complicated instruments in air-tight labs, looking for clues how to destroy this unseen and deadly enemy. Their tireless efforts yield new findings every day.
However, many questions remain, and our inquisitive minds want to know.
Why do children fare better than adults when infected by the virus?
Because children’s innate immunity (first responder interferons and cytokines cells) is more robust and attack the invading viruses immediately and ferociously. Innate immune cells also call the slower-acting adaptive immune system to battle: The sharpshooter B-cells produce virus-destroying antibodies, and the “killer” T-cells destroy infected cells. These B-cells and T-cells also remember the virus and spring to action if or when re-infection occurs.
Why are some people more resistant to the virus than others?
We do not know exactly, and scientists hav
Hiking in Glacier National Park
George Moudry
Published on: 11/5/2020
visit the beautiful Glacier National Park in Montana, and its northern half the Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada.

Next day we went on another hike, this time along the “Garden Wall” trail, locally called “The Line”. The trail head is at the Logan Pass and follows the contour of steep mountain slope.
For the first 2 miles the trail is a ledge along a cliff, high above the “Going to the Sun” road.

Then the trail enters a real and true mountain garden. This mountain goat liked the trail as well – this is a different goat than we met yesterday – her kid was much bigger.
We yielded the way, and the goat flashed by us, and her hoofs made a drumming noise on the stony trail. The kid went up the slope and around us through the foliage.

These beautiful, yellowy-white “bear grass” blossoms are the size of human head; and some mountain meadows are covered by them. We were told that
Bear grass blooms only once in a several years, and that we are lucky because this
Forum Notes
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 11/5/2020
Do you want to get notified on new Forum posts?
There is an easy way to get notified to a specific forum. Just Subscribe and when someone replies or adds a new thread in a forum you have subscribed to you will receive an email with the new post and link to the forum.

This is a great way to keep up with what other members going on the trip or outing are planning.
November President's Report
Brett Shelton
Published on: 11/5/2020
Greetings! It’s been another interesting month on ski trip developments.

Our fall campout at Robber’s Cave State Park was a very successful outing. We had around 20 people attend with about half renting cabins and the other half staying in the RV park. Friday we had a night at the movies in the campground (Oh Brother Where Art Thou?) with popcorn and Smores. Saturday, a group of us went hiking, with about half doing 4 miles and the other half doing eight (8). Saturday evening we had a community fish fry. Robert Foster provided the fresh catfish and the ‘team’ cooked it. Great meal! – thanks to all who had a part in preparing it! Your effort was appreciated! Sunday morning we had a Breakfast Burrito community meal and began tearing down camp. Overall, a great time had by all and we’re already working on our next adventure. Stay tuned for more information OR frequent our FORUMS page for updated info. I plan on creating a new FORUM topic when we get something put together
Delegate’s Report – Texas Ski Council – November 2020
Brett Shelton
Published on: 11/5/2020
Not much change to report from the Texas Ski Council this month. All of the trip leaders (Snowmass, Purgatory and Lake Louise) are busy trying to figure out what they can and can’t do on the trips this year, due to Covid restrictions. Currently, most resorts are strictly limiting the size of groups allowed to congregate indoors, limiting or eliminating race courses and figuring out what their capacity on the mountain be.

At present, Canada has their border closed to all Americans traveling on non-essential business. Hoping things open back up before March 2021.

Currently Colorado is open to travelers, without any quarantine/isolation requirements but social distancing, masks and strict limitations on interaction in bars, restaurants, lifts etc. are being enforced. They are trying very hard to avoid having the Governor shut them completely down again, like they did last spring.

Below is the list of trips being taken this year (and next). If you are interested, please conta
Winter 20/21 Reservations Requirements by Pass
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 10/5/2020
As we all know this is going to be a very unique winter ski season. As the resorts are attempting to implement measures to keep everyone safe and healthy, the Ikon and Epic pass resorts are using their affiliated pass sites as a one stop location to get Opening dates, Reservation information and the COVID-19 protocols they have put in place to provide the best experience possible.
Below are the links to the IKON and EPIC pass site that provide the most up-to-date information.
Telluride FSA Trip
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 9/5/2020
Taos Ski Valley Trip 2021
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 9/5/2020