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Ladies Farmers Market and She Brews
Haven Willis
Published on: 5/5/2021
The Tulsa Ski Club hosted a ladies event at the Tulsa Farmer’s Market and She Brews Coffee. We walked through the wonderful farmers market and some of the ladies found some really tasty pastries. We gathered around a table for coffee and had a great time talking about all of the events coming up this summer and fall! Karla, Winter Trip Chair, gave us a sneak preview of the ski trips that will be available. We will host another ladies event in the near future so hope you can join us!

Lift Line Newsletter

Words from the President:
Michael Messimore
Published on: 5/5/2021
Words from the President:
What does the Tulsa Ski Club mean to you? The answer is different no matter who you ask.
You have probably heard the phrase, “you get out what you put in”. This is true for me and the
Tulsa Ski Club. 22 years ago I met Anita Greiner who invited me to a Tulsa Ski Club meeting. I
had no idea Tulsa had a ski club. I had friends but I didn’t have any who liked to go skiing,
could get off work, or could budget their money and afford to go with me. I remember my first
trip to Breckenridge like it was yesterday starting with getting on the bus. Piper and I sat with
Lisa and Jon Hart who would also be our condo mates. A game of Spades started soon after
departure that lasted until bedtime making the trip pass in record time and Lisa Hart was
exposed as a Spades Ninja. Jon on the other hand was not. On that first trip Joann Huber got
on the bus with a box of social juice. I didn’t even know Wine came in a box. That was great
trip as Jon and I chased Joann al
Texas Ski Council Delagates report
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 5/5/2021
Results of the Bid Fest 2022/2023 Texas Ski Council Trip
Weight Training Tips
George Moudry, MBA, Ed.D., Exercise Physiologist
Published on: 5/5/2021
By George Moudry, MBA, Ed.D., Exercise Physiologist

We all want to stay in shape and enjoy the health benefits, feeling well and strong.
I already talked about the importance of aerobic exercise (cardio): steady rhythmic exercise that elevates heart rate for at least 30 minutes per workout at intensity of “somewhat hard”.

Stretch your large muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your joints after exercise, when the body is worm and pliable. Find a good stretching routine that will fit your needs and goals online.
Improving your strength is especially important. Strong muscles will protect your joints, and you will perform your daily tasks with ease. And you will look better!

There are many ways to improve strength, and many exercise modalities. All of them involve movements against resistance. These efforts cause muscle damage (it is important not to overdo!), and the muscles, and to some degree also the supporting tissues, such as tendons, ligaments and b
George Moudry
Published on: 5/5/2021
Whenever I visit the “Old Country”, my brother and I, and sometimes with y sister as well, we always visit Italy, and our favorite city Venice.
This time I took also my wife Gwen, my daughter Pamela and two grandchildren for a Mediterranean cruise from Venice on a huge cruise ship “Preciosa”.
We had a full day to roam this story-book city.

We arrived in Venice early morning and had about two days before sail time. We decided to tour the city and took the vaporetto (public boat transport) to Piazza San Marcos.
25 years ago, the vaporetto were small boats, and you could sit up front in the open with a bottle of wine, and travel the city canals with two transfers for one dollar! Oh boy, those were the days!
Today, vaporetto boats are large covered barges, packed with tourists with standing room only, and 5 Euros per ride, no transfers. The place is over-run with tourists.
Although it was early in the morning, the tourists are already waiting in line for entry to the Basilica Sa
Winter 20/21 Reservations Requirements by Pass
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 10/5/2020
As we all know this is going to be a very unique winter ski season. As the resorts are attempting to implement measures to keep everyone safe and healthy, the Ikon and Epic pass resorts are using their affiliated pass sites as a one stop location to get Opening dates, Reservation information and the COVID-19 protocols they have put in place to provide the best experience possible.
Below are the links to the IKON and EPIC pass site that provide the most up-to-date information.