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Thoughts for FSA Race Chair
Dick Watts
Published on: 3/5/2021
FSA 2021 at Telluride was an awesome trip for those who participated it was a great mountain with excellent skiing and awesome condo. But it was a different trip too, no parties, no racing, and no meetings which was good for me. I got to ski more this year but my thoughts on the mountain were on racing and next year. Before I retire as race director, Tulsa needs to win First place again. We have come close for the last 3 years and I am tired of Kanas City boosting that they are the best Howdy, Howdy let’s get Rowdy Team, Tulsa is the best. So, I ask that all of you Tulsan’s to start saving for FSA 22 we will be back at Telluride for more awesome skiing, awesome condo’s and awesome parties with the COVID behind us. Tulsa is going to WIN with your help. It takes a Team. Everyone counts, so start planning and ask friends to go. Let’s make 2020 the year Team Tulsa Triumphs and bring s home the Trophy
As always, Thank you and Thank you Tulsa Ski Club.
Sailing in Fort Worth, Texas
George Moudry
Published on: 3/5/2021
By George Moudry
In the years 1983-84 I worked in Fort Worth. Once I told my new Texas friend Marshal Dodd that I love sailing, and he invited me to a regatta at the Fort Worth Boat Club on Eagle Mountain Lake near Ft. Worth. This very prestigious and rich Boat Club held a large regatta every Sunday. Millionaires from Dallas metroplex area had their racing yachts in the Boat Club and hired crews to sail them. Most of the yachts were racing 36-foot sloops, “J” class.
The very first Sunday I was lucky to crew as substitute on a 36-foot Santana yacht named Paki II. The owner, Mr. Orwell Naught had three Santana racing yachts at the Boat Club, named Paki I, Paki II, and Paki III. Orwell manufactured many types of plastic plates and cups, many under the Paki logo, hence the names.
Our yacht had a wide cockpit and board, and small cabin. The cabin was mainly to store sails. Our captain Rick was the only paid crew, the rest of us sailed for prestige, love
Sri Lanka
George Moudry
Published on: 3/5/2021
Sri Lanka is an island nation located SE of India. It has population of 22 million, with 70% Sinhalese, and 10% Sri Lankas Moors.
Sri Lanka capitol is Colombo. The official languages are Sinhala and Tamil, but many speak English.
Sri Lanka tolerates religious diversity, and all religions prosper. The largest religion is Buddhism with 70%, then Hinduism 13%, Islam 10% and Christianity 7%.
Sri Lanka played an important role as a major stop in the Maritime Silk Road commerce. Today, Sri Lanka prospers through plantation and maritime economies.
Historically human settlements were on the island for more than 125,000 years. The first European settlers and consequent rulers were Portuguese, then the Dutch, followed by the English.

Typical street in Colombo. Myriads of little shops, one beside each other in a row. Streets are clogged by walkers, scooters and scooter-taxies, like this green one in the picture.

The city has numerous, lush green parks, with vendors showing boa
Welcome to our New Members
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 3/5/2021
Welcome to our New Members

Bryan Cain
Kristina Hefton
Ross Heyman
Adam D Martin
Larry A Wimmer
Mat Zalk
Winter 20/21 Reservations Requirements by Pass
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 10/5/2020
As we all know this is going to be a very unique winter ski season. As the resorts are attempting to implement measures to keep everyone safe and healthy, the Ikon and Epic pass resorts are using their affiliated pass sites as a one stop location to get Opening dates, Reservation information and the COVID-19 protocols they have put in place to provide the best experience possible.
Below are the links to the IKON and EPIC pass site that provide the most up-to-date information.