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Madeira Island
George Moudry
In 2016 we visited the beautiful Madeira island, the largest island in the Madeira archipelago. These Portuguese islands are in the Atlantic ocean, 450 miles SW of Portugal and 320 miles west of Morocco, with population of 260,500.
The island is a top of massive submerged volcano that rises 3.7 miles from the ocean floor. The whole island is basically a ragged mountain peak cresting at 6,200 feet above the ocean. It is 35 miles long and 14 miles wide.
Tips for Preventing Altitude Sickness
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 1/5/2021
Altitude sickness is common when people are traveling and either climbing or being transported to a higher elevation quickly. The higher you climb, the lower the air pressure and oxygen levels get. Our bodies can handle the shift, but they need time to gradually adjust.

Here are some things you can do to prevent yourself from getting altitude sickness.
Winter 20/21 Reservations Requirements by Pass
James "Garry" Cook
Published on: 10/5/2020
As we all know this is going to be a very unique winter ski season. As the resorts are attempting to implement measures to keep everyone safe and healthy, the Ikon and Epic pass resorts are using their affiliated pass sites as a one stop location to get Opening dates, Reservation information and the COVID-19 protocols they have put in place to provide the best experience possible.
Below are the links to the IKON and EPIC pass site that provide the most up-to-date information.