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James "Garry" Cook

Well, summer is almost over and winter is just around the corner.  Are you ready for the ski season? 
As our attention turns to the slopes and snow it is time to get in shape.  The muscles you use in your summer activities may not be the same muscles used in skinning and boarding.  So to protect yourself from injury it is important that your core and legs are in shape.    

Your Quadriceps are the most muscles when skiing and riding.  Squats and Lunges are great exercises to prepare for the season.  The hamstrings, glutes, thighs and Calves are just as important.  They stabilize the lower body.  By strengthing these muscle groups you add support your knees and the surrounding tendons.  The Abs and back protect your spine from injury.  Finally, increase your cardio exercises.  Increasing your endurance will allow you to ski or ride longer without getting as tired. 

Here are couple links to get you started on your Journey:

There are many more out there so just browse and find the ones that fit your lifestyle and fitness level.


Also, remember our Sign-up picnic is coming up, September 9th at LaFortune grill from 1 PM – 4PM. So, if you like to save money, take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing .    We have a great set of ski trips planned for the winter.  Come by and check them out or grab a bite to eat on us.

Hope to see you there.