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Ski Club Octoberfest Party

George Moudry  | Published on 11/5/2020

Tulsa Octoberfest was cancelled this year so our SKI CLUB made our own Octoberfest!


Evan Grilling

As always, the grill master Evan is in his element! The aroma of sizzling bratwurst permeates the air (and maybe kills the virus!), and the stereo thunders with um-pa-pah music. Heaven!


Chris and Lou

Chris and Lou lend a hand in the field kitchen…


Ron Gwen and Bill

Ron, Gwen and Bill discuss the meaning of life. The more beer they have, the clearer the understanding of the mystery….


It is time to eat!


Brett George Gwen Dennis

Brett, George, Gwen and Dennis discuss the forthcoming ski trips!


John Roy Brett

John, Roy and Brett at their best.



Robert has a hard time selecting from the tableau of condiments, fruits and sweets.


Garry Travis

The worker bees Garry and Travis.


The Ski Club Beauty Pageant.


Dick MAry Lee

Mary Lee and Dick Watts look great!


There is always a small crowd in the kitchen….


Mike, Katy, Evan and Chris… Chris complaints: Maybe I ate too much!