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Whitefish Trip aka Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Michael Messimore  | Published on 4/5/2021


Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, the Whitefish trip was great for those who made it.

A crazy storm coming across the Denver Airport caused cancellations forcing those flying United Airlines to make other arrangements on Delta or shift their days.  Whitefish allowed us to shift condo nights to accommodate those who were delayed.  I’m very sad for the few who couldn’t get rescheduled.  You were missed.

The Mountain is one of my favorites.  It has plenty of terrain for all abilities and very few lift lines resulting in more skiing time and less waiting.

Now for the trip highlights.

This may sound strange but the first highlight has nothing to do with skiing.  Sunday night Haven Willis, Andrea Adams, and Karla Winterscheidt hosted everyone for a spaghetti dinner.  We had a great time, welcomed the first timers with the Tulsa Ski Club, and carb loaded up for the next day.

Highlight number two: The lift out the back condo doors.  The condos had a locker room that exited out onto the slope by the lift.  The lockers were the largest I have ever seen and even had heaters for your boots.

When you skied back to the condos it was one step to the locker room.

Ski in and Ski out to a new level.

A couple of people were in condos across the street and had to walk a few more steps but it was still closer than most and they had a great view of the valley.

Highlight number three: 
Great company.  A group text kept everyone connected so we could meet up and ski, eat Lunch, or coordinate dinner.


Highlight number four: 

Haven was the trip social coordinator and arranged two great nights out on the town.  She found two of the best pizza places anywhere with locally brewed refreshments that were delicious.

Highlight five:  The view was tremendous of both the valley, Whitefish Lake and over course Glacier National Park was on full display from the top.  It was amazing.

Highlight six:  People had fun on the slopes. 

Bryan Cain came on his first trip in 30 years.  He was making turns like a boss. 

Garry Cook made his first trip on his surgically repaired knee and looked as good as ever.

Kim Dillard refused to be stopped making her better late than never swooshes down the mountain.

Ross Heyman and Mat Zalk raced each other all over the mountain.  Great skiers.

Larry Wimmer said he hadn’t been skiing in years but I think he was fooling me, he looked like a pro.

Andrea Adams was as usual one of the two fastest people on the mountain.  Her skiing form is an example to follow.

The most improved goes to Karla Winterscheidt on her snowboard.  She apparently snuck off on a trip when no one was looking and boom, she was carving through the snow like top seed at Flatlands 2022.

Piper and Joah Messimore found new and creative ways to get down the mountain during the very memorable trip.

Marshall McAdams and Toni Hatfield got to ski Saturday with some fresh power making all those who left Friday a little jealous.