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President's Report

Karla Winterscheidt | Published on 1/6/2023

Presidents Report

The ski season has officially started! The club had a very successful trip to Wolf Creek 3 weeks ago. With the ski season starting I thought going over some safety tips would be a good idea. The most important safety tip in my opinion is do not ski or snowboard alone. I have gotten myself into some scary situations when I have snowboarded alone. I managed to get myself out of those situations, but it was just pure luck that I did. You can’t always depend on having cell service to call ski patrol or friends. So, utilizing the buddy system is the best way to stay safe on the mountains. Below is the safety code put together by the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) for 2022. I have violated a few of these rules and taken out a few of my friends and my husband. I was snowboarding way to fast and out of control in icy conditions… not a smart combination. If you follow the safety code below and utilize the buddy system, everyone on the slopes should stay safe and have a great time!